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People + Ideas + Vision + Courage = Success…

Courage to create but also to convince a world attached to entrenched habits now being inexorably shaken up by a

changing market. New products can only come from new ideas.
New ideas can only come with new vision.

The Marvel Fragrances team is a dynamic mix of youthful exuberance and rich experience since 1958. Our

production facilities in India total over 100,000 Sq. Ft. In this new philosophy only one guideline remained, the ability to

be different and to innovate while respecting a certain spirit, to ensure the permanence of a product and its success in

an increasingly competitive world.
Short production lines, and a diversified product range are our strongest competitive

advantages. There is only one possible way to propose new ideas at a new price,

reduce operating cost. Indeed, whatever the final aim or whatever type of a

composition may be it is in the optimization of the purchase in the quality of the raw

materials that lays the guarantee of consistent quality.
Our plants meet all compliance requirements as per local regulations for Labour / Minimum Wages, Child labour,

Environment, Safety. We have an inhouse design team that can create artwork options based on clients objectives.

We welcome OEM private labels. Our fragrances are made in France and meet all EU regulations and guidelines as per

Research Institute of Fragrance Materials - (RIFM) USA, Fragrance Materials Association of the United States - (FMA),

International Fragrance Association - (IFRA) Switzerland, and do not contain any restricted ingredients.
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